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Perfect ergonomics

Working overtime? Unfortunately it happens sometimes. AVDONIN equipment will help you to conserve strength for the perfect last take. 

Innovative technical solutions

We can compete with the leaders of the market by using the opportunities of the Fourth Technological Revolution.

Attention to details

Before launching the product to the market, we test every detail and reconcile the functionality and reliability of it.

Unique characteristics

Lighter but harder. Range plus carrying capacity. We combine all of the most significant things in one item. 


The first launched AVDONIN model of the arm is a 5th generation of the working prototype that was made for the refinement of technical decisions. 


  • The A5 is a lightweight itself though its carrying capacity is up to 32 kg
  • The range is more than 80cm
  • The settings can be changed for any weight
  • Unique opportunity of having the third section turned on. That will expand the range up to 124cm. The weight of the construction still remain around 6kg


This model combines maximum hardness of the construction and easy configuration.

  • It can be filled with four standart batteries. An opportunity of perfect balancing
  • Balancing platforms are on the lower section and it helps to shorten the construction in general
  • Hard node anchorage camera to the platform and eliminate all of the unnesessary movements of it
  • Soon. Switching modules with limitless opportunities


Testing version of a back-anchoraged vest. Created with the practical knowlege of anatomical features inherent to this type of construction.​

  • Total weight (including lever) equals 3,7kg
  • An opportunity to adjust the vest for any body type
  • Soon: shorten version of the lever for securing of three-section arm

We love what we have done

Now let the professionals speak

Sergey Avdonin

The Creator

Successful Steadicam operator, a natural-born designer, a perfectionist who can haptically feel the 0,01mm difference. Everything he does really works.

Timur Ibatullin


Sharing the passion for technical art. Now the way from the virtual model to the actual iron is twice shorter. Always stands by his inner “Occam’s Razor” principles, shares failures , optimize.


Анатолий Симченко

Works with AVDONIN A5

Игорь Вотинцев

Works with AVDONIN A5

Сергей Попков

Works with AVDONIN A5

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